Fresh Air

Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say and at the same time nothing at all. I don't know about you, but I so over quarantine.  Saying this makes me feel guilty because I know people are dying.  I know doctors and nurses are exhausted and I am very well aware that we could get sick. I am trying to stay positive because  I have to for the children. It is getting harder with each day though. I feel so physically and mentally stretched.  I know I need to give myself some grace, and I am not even striving for perfection but how is one person supposed to school 5 Kids, make the meals, clean the house and be an official child entertainer. I want to scream and cry, but what good would that do as tomorrow will be the same as today and yesterday. Sorry, I am a real Debbie downer today.  Anyway, a month ago we went on a hike with my husband and girls. It was definitely what my soul needed. Suwannee Mountain /Indian Seats.


junieper/Jesh said…
First your photos - I LOVE your second views. And the one of the orange sky - stunning - so much mood in there!
Then about you - sounds you need more breaks (because what good does it do when mom gets depression?), so number one is Kelleyn to take care of. Excuse me, being the children's entertainer is not your job!! They need to learn to entertain themselves, dear Mama!
So, right there, you could take some necessary breaks. Don't feel bad for the kids, it's good for them, but you need to explain it. Of course you will get some push back, because now they are used to be entertained, but put your foot down. Hope you will be good to yourself, because it's important you don't get too worn down - the more you are, the longer it will be to get back to yourself. keep up your spririts, dear Friend! Jesh
I can only offer a big strong hug. We'll get through this.
Barbara Rogers said…
Wonderful photos...and I can empathize from the perspective of living alone and knowing that I've had the blessing of lots of help when I was raising my kids. I hope you can pare back your responsibilities, and gradually take as much care of yourself as the others in your life. Why not ask them to entertain you?
NCSue said…
Oh, WOW! These are amazing shots!
Thank you for joining us this week. I hope this finds you and your family safe and well.
Jeanne said…
Many people wish Coronavirus would go away. Hang in there and try to find things you are grateful for.
betty-NZ said…
How great to get out as a family and enjoy the fresh air! Awesome scenery, too!

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Dearest Kelleyn,
Yes, it is a weird time we're living in!
Just winding down my Pieter's Birthday... just the two of us.
Made us a Tiramisu last night to enjoy with coffee and over a couple of more days as well. So stupid for not being able to invite some friends!
We all have to tough this out and HOPE that life will pick up where we left it at the Corona-Curb... Hah, how does 'normal' feel and look like?
Yes, homeschooling 5 kids and doing everything else sounds very much like being Super Woman on Steroids!
But rest assured, you are NOT the only one.
Big hug and glad you escaped to this beautiful place.
Both of us biked a few times but today they came to work on our trees, taking some branches off etc. Had to be around.
Yukbanyuwangi said…
Very useful. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
My heart goes out to you. Home schooling 5 kids is no easy task. I can't imagine the difficulty of the task. You are an amazing mom. Everyone I know is feeling upended. This horrid virus is creating hardship is so many ways. This is uncharted territory. We can each only do the best we can do. For me, I try to start each new day with a clean slate. Letting go of what happened yesterday. This strategy seems to help me. Susan

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