Disney Choral Trip

Back in March before everything shut down due to the Coronavirus, Roman had the opportunity to go on a 5-day choir trip to Disneyworld.  While there they performed multiple times and had a blast.  Roma really enjoyed the new Star Wars section of the park.  I still have yet to see it!  He is totally into Star Wars right now and is working his way through all the movies.  I am so grateful he had the opportunity to go on this trip because of all my children Roman is struggling the most.  He is such a social creature and he is frustrated that he can't hang with his friends.  I am sure he is no different than all the other of millions of teenagers who feel robbed of their life.  Stupid Cornoavirus!  You suck!


Dearest Kelleyn,
Trying again to comment, the previous time you have not shown it... feels kind of odd for having done all the typing and then nothing?
So happy for your Roman for having been able to pull this 5-day choir trip to Disney World off! Great learning experience too, for that age just perfect.
Someone has made great photos of it in their different outfits.
Sending you hugs and praying hard that we soon can continue to live a normal life!
Beth said…
When my daughter was in high school she got to go to NYC with her orchestra. Some of her good friends were on it too and the mothers, including me, were chaperones. Such wonderful memories are made at those times that last forever. Your son looks like he was having a great time. So good he got to go.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful trip for Roman. Great photos, everyone looks to be having a very good time. Smiles from all. We all understand the need for social distance but that still does not make it easy. Susan
Coronavirus does indeed! Glad the kids had such a good time! #AllSeasons
riitta k said…
What a gorgeous trip they had! My adult suon sings in a chamber choir - that is an inspiring hobby!
I'm glad he had his trip before the restrictions. I know he had a great time.
junieper/Jesh said…
Great moments of Roman's time at Disney:) Happy he had it before these last weeks. Teenage time is hard, not only on the teens, but also the parents, lol. Try not to worry about your son. In a few weeks he can see his friends (maybe limited, but this situation can't go on forever!).
Wishing you a very good week Mama Kelleyn, and inspiration, Jesh
How quickly things have changed. Here in the northern part of Washington State things got scary during the second week of March. - Margy

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