World of Chocolate

Hersey was our last real stop on our summer road trip.  The original plan was to go to the amusement park and spend the day of riding on rollercoasters, but with rain, on the forecast, we made the decision to go to the World of Chocolate. We learned how the chocolate is made, how they invent new flavors and made our own chocolate bars.  We also learned about Hersey and how despite failing multiple times he never gave up.  The children had so much fun!  We all left with a chocolate coma!


Barbara Rogers said…
Darling girls and cute cows in the barn! Making me have a craving here!
We have been to Hershey a few times in the past on visits to Lancaster, PA. But we haven't been to where we could make our own chocolate. Looks like you had some delighted chefs.
William Kendall said…
Beautiful residences. It doesn't surprise me that the company would have a lot of things to do there at their HQ. The amusement park aspect is a surprise, though.
junieper/jesh said…
Have a friend that once worked for a few years at Hershey's. This is a great choice for a rainy day event:) The kids look cute with their plastic covering:) Can imagine they were very proud of their own chocolate bar! Did you make one too? Guess the days till school begins are now numbered? You went to soo many places this summer! Hope you'll have some more time for yourself soon:):) Glad you like the plein air painting and great you shared Hershey's with All Seasons!
Mandy said…
Sounds like a fun day! I guess they gave out samples of the chocolate?

With Love,

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