End of Summer This and That

I can't believe Labor Day is already upon us!  Wow!  Before you know it we will be looking at 2020; however, I am not trying to get ahead of myself.  I am holding dearly to the last few warms days left of summer.  It has been a good summer though and I sure can't complain because I have been surrounded by friends, gone to the beach, eaten my fair share of good food, and soaked in the sun.  I still have a few lingering posts from this summer's adventures, but before I post those I want to share just a few miscellaneous photos that have no home.

Right before we left for our summer road-trip, I had my hairdresser put a few strands of pink in my hair.  It was fun and I think I will do it again.  Only wish they didn't wash out so fast.

While in Anchorage a couple of weeks ago, I got to hang out with my besties from church.
Thanks to Jennifer and her family for making the tasty halibut dinner.

Winston had a great time at Boys State.

My dad spent a month in the hospital,
but he is doing much better now.

 This photo may be blurry, but it makes me so happy.
Such sweet girls!
Always happy to hang out with my Kentucky Stephanie and her family.

The girls had fun playing spa one day this summer.

Proof that we have been to Iowa!

My cousins' dog Boomer!  

Celebrated my 22nd wedding anniversary in August with this amazing man.

This one almost had to have stitches,
but thankful for steri-strips.

Thank you if you made it to the end.
Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Ela said…
What a beautiful post! You are a wonderful family!
William Kendall said…
Boomer looks like a good doggie!
Reading your posts these past few months, I will agree with the comment that you have had an amazing summer! Congrats on your August wedding anniversary; our 20th was also in August on 8/21.
Angie said…
Congratulations on your anniversary! It's always a little sad to say goodbye to summer, but where you live I think it lasts longer than most!
Natalia said…
Congrats! Those photos are so full of joy, what a pleasure to look at☺☺
Thank you for sharing your wonderful summer!!glad to see your father is doing better. Have a wonderful week!!
Happy Anniversary! Lovely photos of summer with family and friends. Have a beautiful Labor Day!
I love your hair --the curls and the pink! I'm glad your dad is out of the hospital and doing better. Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a nice Labor Day!
Look how beautiful your hair is! I wish I could do that! Mine is silver...pink strands might look good in it too! Happy anniversary to the two of you!
Lorrie said…
Congratulations on your anniversary! Your hair is beautiful. It sounds like you have kept busy traveling! Enjoy September!

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