Summer is Way to Long

Only two weeks into summer and I am pulling my hair out!  70 days too long.  They are bored out of their brains and just about 500 times a day they ask me what are we going to do next as if I am the entertainment committee.  Counting down the days to our road trip-19 days.  Here are a few things we have been up to this week.

We ate snow cones at Ono Ono Shaved Ice

Winston attended Boy's State and then he and I went to see Hootie and the Blowfish.

The girls are participating on swim team
We went to Aladdin and loved it!  

Ivy learned to ride her bike this past week.  Did I tell you that?  I can't remember? Anyway, she just asked Nana to take off the training wheels and without any help started riding her bike. 
Way to go Ivy!  Well, I hope you are having a good week!   


Sorry, Kelleyn! Maybe you need to schedule at least one day a week for YOU? Wow, Ivy, is pretty balanced! No falls yet? The photo with the girls in their swimsuits in a row is hilarious!
Thank you for getting back to me about the Chinese window - I could have done that one, but am not into building (yet!) -smile.
I miss those long summers even though I know it can be challenging at times! Yay for Ivy and that concert must have been fun!
I remember a familiar refrain from when I was a kid, "Mommy, what can I do?" Guess it's universal across the ages. - Margy
Marie Smith said…
It sounds like they’ve been busy so far. However, children were always happy to be back in school in September in my experience.
riitta k said…
The summer is the best time for everybody and especially for the kids! It seems they have a lot (too much?) energy and are enjoying their summer life! Wishing a happy wek.
Veronica Lee said…
Enjoy and savour every moment. Kids grow up fast, way too fast!! Lovely photos, BTW.
DUTA said…
That's the usual scenario with stay- at- home moms. Where both parents go out in the morning, the kids learn from age 0 to rely on themselves, entertain themselves, find someyhing to play with etc..

Kudos to Ivy for her ability to ride the bicycle unattended! Good girl!
Mary K. said…
Savor every minute of those days because before you know it they will have grown and be working all day and night and complaining. Haha! That is what my end looks like. Congrats to Ivy!!
You are making some great memories with your children. Hang in there!
NCSue said…
It looks like y'all are keeping pretty busy to me! Would it be wrong to slip them a sedative so you can relax a bit?
Thanks for sharing at
You've been quite busy! Looks like loads of fun.
Congrats to Ivy. The snow cone looked cooling on a hot day. And, the young swimmers were fun to see in their matching caps and suits. Seems like everyone is keeping busy at your home and what fun that you and your son shared a concert experience. You do have some fun times for sure. As for what to do next, does your local library have summer programs for kids, as the one in Nashua, NH does?
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Congratulations for Ivy. Thanks for sharing.
Sharon said…
Your kids look busy and happy, in spite of moment to moment boredom. I know my grandkids have to be doing something every minute. Fortunately they rent a house with a pool. Bored? Jump in!
That is such a familiar line. When our little (first, now out of 8 grand-kids) grandson visited us one time in New Mexico we spent a very busy morning sightseeing, riding ponies, eating... and as soon as we arrived back home around 2 PM in a state of exhaustion his first words were "What are we going to do this afternoon?" Oh my!
Your post bring back happy memories in the summer. Time is precious. Nice weekend to you.
Summer break! A blessing or a curse, depends who you ask :-) I liked Aladdin as well.

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