Part 2 Tennessee

As you saw in the previous post, the little girls had a blast riding horses.  Addy was seriously in heaven.  The weather cleared up and as the party came to a close and we continued the party at my friends' neighborhood pool.   We ordered some pizza and salad and stayed till almost sunset.  Let me tell you they all slept like babies.  The next morning my friend made us a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, watermelon, and quiche.  So yummy!  Then it was time to pack up and go.  The girls were so sad to go.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Roman got to go fishing with my friends' husband and her boys while the girls went riding.  He had such a great time.  They went to Lake Tim Ford.  Sadly, they didn't cake anything.  Well, we are in Kentucky now.  Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures.


There's nothing like summer fun in a pool.

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