Sardinia Pt 1

Sardinia is located off the western coast of Italy just below its neighboring island Corsica. While it's landscape is rugged and dessert like the blue waters off the coast take your breath away.  We stayed just a few minutes north of the Port Oblia; however, if we were to visit Sardinia again we would probably stay further up north in Palau.  My only complaint about where we stayed is that we had to drive to dinner each night.  While our hotel did serve dinner, the prices were just a little more than what we wanted to spend and the options for children were limited. We began each day with a visit to our hotel pool which had a stunning view of the coast and later moved to the beach later in the day.  We all enjoyed sleeping in and making our way lazily to the breakfast room.  Lunch consisted of some fresh fruit and salami bread or mortadella.  Dinner we usually ate pizza, pasta, and a ice cream from Kult Ice Cream with a big scoop of Bianco Chocolate so creamy and rich. Sardinia is a really large island and while we could have spent our days traveling from one destination to another this vacation we really used to charge our batteries and enjoy one another's company. It was just what we needed.


What happy family photos and that wonderful food!
Lisa said…
Wow!! It looks like such an amazing place!! Your pictures are gorgeous!! Those smiles are priceless!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

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Angie said…
A gorgeous family. Nothing beats a beach vacation to re-charge. Sounds like you did it the right way (in my mind) - lazy!!! When we lived in the UK, we went to Corsica three times, and just adored it!
Everyone looks so happy -- obviously Sardinia worked to recharge your batteries. What a great family.
Sounds perfect! What lovely, happy photos :)
Beautiful children on the beach - looks like a fabulous holiday.
Learned something again - I thought that Sardinia was a small island! You made the right choice to connect and recharge, before moving back to this side of the ocean. Oh, your captures with the hats are the cutest, Kelleyn. Many thanks for sharing all your stories and sightseeing in Germany with All Seasons - it was priceless!
When you are back in the USA give yourself time to re-adjust! Have a very good and smooth back home:)
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Everyone looks very relaxed and happy in their photos. Objectives accomplished. :-) I already know that the next time the Husband and I take a trip to Hawaii, all I want to do is spend my time swimming, eating, sleeping, repeat. Okay, maybe a bit of exploring after I'm done with the sleeping. Cheers, Kelleyn!

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