It is hard to believe that we have been home from Germany for almost two weeks.  It has been a total whirlwind.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we have been cleaning out our house and to date, we have successfully cleaned the upper two levels of our home. As of today, we have taken 15 bags to charity and another 20 bags of trash.  Now, we just need to organize and clean out our basement, but we are going to wait until after the kids go back to school.  It feels good to be home. 

Last weekend we went to Stone Mountain, we had a picnic on the grass and enjoyed the laser show and fireworks after dark.  Going to Stone Mountain is a favorite family tradition.

Roman with his friend Bryson

Pickle juice everything is the rage right now and one afternoon Roman and his friend enjoyed a pickle juice slushy.  I tasted too and while they weren't awful, I wouldn't order one again.

The girls had fun one afternoon when it was too hot to play outside the girls went with their Nana to an indoor jumpy park.  They had a blast!

The girls are always begging to make slime, so one afternoon we made vanilla pudding slime.  The kids thought it was pretty cool that they could eat it.  Addy has always wanted to dine at the American Girl store and so instead of having a big birthday party back in June in Germany, she waited till we were home and invited her friends Morgan and Emma to join us.  The girls were in heaven.

Last but not least yesterday, we drove north to the Georgia-South Carolina to Lake Hartwell and went swimming.  The kids had so much fun playing on the beach and then on our way home we ate dinner at Longhorn.  Longhorn is a steak restaurant chain here in the states.   Less than 2 weeks left of summer vacation and we are checking off items on our bucket list.  Stay tuned as this upcoming weekend we are headed to Kentucky for an adoption reunion for Ivy.  She is going to hang out with some of her friends who have been adopted from her orphanage back in China that now live here in the United States.  Also, I am getting new carpet in our family room.  The carpet is gorgeous!  Can't wait to show you.  Well, I better go!  Gotta go put the girls to bed.  They are currently playing doggy.  Winston is at work and Roman is trying to learn a song on the piano.  Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.


shayndel said…
Welcome home!!
Looks like the family is having a wonderful time wherever you go!! God Bless you!! Happy Birthday Addy!! Happy Summer and settling back in!!
Lisa said…
What beautiful photos!! The kids are all so adorable!! It's been years since I've been to Stone Mountain but it looks the same as I remember it :) I hope you have a wonderful trip to Kentucky!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Home, sweet home! Cheers to you and the family!
Wow that's a lot of trash bags! You probably could pack it up so quickly, because you have gotten used to less space in Europe? Wonderful Addy could have the birthday she wanted! A pickle Slushy - ooi, I don't think I could even think about it! Great to be back home again and sharing it with All Seasons, Kelleyn!
italiafinlandia said…
What a beautiful family!
Enjoy your Summer vacations.
betty-NZ said…
I saw the Stone Mountain laser show many, many years ago and was totally amazed. I'm sure it has become even more impressive since then.
Welcome back home and that time away seems to have passed fast as i can recall reading your blog posts about relocating temporarily, Kelleyn. I have enjoyed seeing the posts of your family's adventures. Thanks for sharing.
Jeanie said…
Welcome home! How wonderful to be back with family at hand. I'll miss your traveling posts, though. But you've inspired me to get some of my own!
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