Valentines 2018

Hi!  How are you?  Hope your week is going well so far!  I still pretty sick, but not wanting to disappoint the children, I was able to muster enough strength to throw the girls a little Valentine's Day party.  Valentine's day is not a big deal in Germany; however, you can find things in the stores to reference the day.  In wanting to keep up with our traditions, which I feel is pretty important I made the girls spaghetti, bubbly juice, and afterward, we cut out some heart shaped cookies and made paper hearts.  Well, I can't keep my eyes open. I keep falling asleep. I will see you back in a few days!  Happy Valentines Day!


Jeanie said…
It looks like a wonderful and special time together. Love their smiles!
How sweet of you to do this for the girls! I hope you feel better soon.

Mandy said…
Aww! That looks like a lovely way to spend Valentine's Day. 🙂💕

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