Coming To A Close

2017 has definitely been a fantastic year for our family.  We have been indeed blessed beyond measure!  While I could have certainly picked many many more photos, these were just a few of my favorites.   

Top Moments of 2017

1) oldest son graduating from high school, completing his eagle scout project and obtaining his Eagle award from the Boy Scouts.  His winning a position at Emory University in the Neuroscience lab over hundred of students in the United States, and his beginning his first year at BYU.  He had a great first semester where he joined many clubs and did well.  He would probably add to this jumping out of a plane and taking his first flying lesson.

2) Travel played a huge part of our year as it always does and we are grateful that we are able to afford this blessing.  We traveled to Tennessee multiple times where we were able to solidify relationship with fellow adoptee families.  We discovered the beauty of Jekyll Island. Gorgeous! March brought Kelleyn to Seattle to visit her good friends Jennifer and Jenna. They ate their way through Seattle. The trip was short but you take what you can get when you have six children. We spent spring break in Florida and then moved to Germany.  We are exploring this beautiful country and have been able to visit a few other countries to boot. We spent the first half of July in Switzerland and Elba, Italy.  Checking Cinque Terre off our list!  October we found our way to England where Roman was able to go with his father to the play The Cursed Child and Harry Potter World.  He was in Heaven and then we ended the month with a visit to Turkey.  Not to shabby I say! Oh and I almost forgot my husband traveled to Singapore for work.

3) Winston began his sophomore year after having a fun summer.  He spent a week at a church camp, went to a Boy Scout survival camp in Florida, and went on a historical church trek learning about how the pioneers lived.  He changed from being a soccer player to a runner and really made great improvements in the sport.  

4) Addy and Avery became readers this year, tackled going to a foreign school, and have greatly improved their German language speaking skills.

5) Ivy was re-adopted in the state of Georgia, she was blessed in church, and sealed to our family for all time and eternity.   

Our year has been full and we are looking forward to discovering all that Germany has to offer.  Make new friends and pray that God will give us the courage to face any challenges that the year may bring.  

Thank you for following our family.  We pray that you have a Happy New Year!  May 2018 bring nothing but happiness and joy to your families.


Uppal said…
You live in beautiful country
Interesting post about your family and travels in 2017.
Best wishes for 2018!
Uppal said…
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DUTA said…
I suppose you all work on acquiring german language skills. It's not an easy language, but in your family case, it's a must.
It sure helps getting in touch with fellow adoptee families. It must be especially interesting to learn about relationship between biological children and adopted ones.
Happy New Year!
NatureFootstep said…
Im glad you all had a wonderful year. :)

I hope the next one will also be a wonderful one :)

Thanks for sharing.
I have enjoyed reading about the adventures and experiences of you and your family, Kelleyn. Congrats to your children on all their achievements this past year. Sending best wishes to everyine for a wondful and Happy New Year.
Wow, what an amazing year it has been for you! Keep having fun and keep enjoying your trips.
Thanks for your continued interest in my blog.
Sounds like your kids are going places! How 2018 is a great year!
Anonymous said…
My head is spinning of your family trips and activities this year! (Much like when I had my 7 grandkids and their parents, all in my living room a few days ago! You must be exhausted on some days! )
It looks like your oldest has reached his father's height - you think he'll become taller? does he want to become a pilot, or will flying be a hobby? All my kids passed me in height,and several of my grandkids will too, sigh. I missed your Switserland part for some reason.
But there's more to see for your kids in Germany:)
Curious what next year will bring for your family, but it will be great:)Thank you for your unwavering support of All Ssasons in 2017!
NCSue said…
Gorgeous photos of wonderful family adventures!
Thanks for joining us at
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Angie said…
Good, great and even better news! You must be so proud. Glory and praise to God for all your blessings!

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