Thanksgiving 2016

I know thanksgiving was weeks ago, but I am behind in posting.  I had been holding off on posting these photos because I was waiting to get the photos off my computer from our dinner party, but it looks like it might be a few more weeks before I get the computer fixed.  As I said that is a story for another day and just thinking about it kind of makes my blood boil.  Anyway, the girls each had a party at their school.  Avery's class put on a cute little presentations where they sang a couple of stories.  Way too cute!  Ivy's class didn't go anything this year hence no photos, and Addy's class had a feast with all the other kindergartners.  Loved how they did it this year!  No more yucky cafeteria food.  Well, I better go!  I have a meeting with Addy's teacher today and some loose end items to finish up before the children get out of school for the holidays.  Hope you had a good weekend!


LindyLouMac said…
Calling by to Thankyou for your recent visit and comment on my blog which is appreciated. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog, cute photos of the children's feast.
Rhonda Albom said…
What a fun Thanksgiving feast for the littles.
NCSue said…
Thanks so much for joining the party at and for sharing these delightful photos!

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