It's a wrap!

Two weeks ago, I completed my final photo shoot of the year and just in the nick of time too because the weather while sunny the last couple of days has been freezing.  Making me a little nervous for winter in Germany because if I think this is cold here I am going to think Germany is much colder.  I think I need to invest in some better winter time clothing.  Anyways, my computer is still out for repair and it looks like it is going to be a few weeks longer because they need to repair the mother board.  Ugh!  Never a good thing!  Thankfully, I had this photo shoot downloaded to Dropbox, so I am able to post it!  I am so grateful for return customers.  I have taken the S families photos now for three years.  It is so fun seeing the changes in the children and a good feeling to know someone appreciates my work.  Today the children are performing at the German Schools annual Christmas Performance the girls are going to be little cats as the sing ABC Katze in der Schnee.  Do you have any plans for  the weekend?


A lovely family and great photos. It is pretty cold here as well just now.

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