Christmas Market

I have only been to a real Christmas Market once a long long time ago when I was first married and pregnant with my son Harris, but it was wonderful from what I remember.  The stands filled with amazing food to eat, the Christmas lights in the dark of night, and even a ride on the Ferris wheel. I can't wait to introduce my children to this magic; however, in the mean time our local Christmas market will have to do.  Each year the Atlanta International school host a German Christmas market to raise funds for the school. It is such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  The children gorged themselves on waffles and pretzels while I had a bratwurst and potato salad.  Afterward, we stopped at my friends Simona's house so that the children could play with her son. The children had a blast! Then it was home to take baths and go to bed.  A perfect day!


Mascha said…
Looks like a lot of fun.
I'm living in Germany, we have a lot of Christmas markets, but our is only a small, it's a small town, but lovely
Enjoy the time
Great composite - markets are always fun
Anonymous said…
Face painting is always a winner with kids:) Happy you all had fun at the Christmas market and let ALL SEASONS in on the experience - many thanks! You were first this week, lady:)Have a beautiful week!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Kelleyn! It was a long time ago I organized an art show all by myself, so I had forgotten how much work it was:):)

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