Hi!  How are you?  Hope all is going with you!  If you are anything like me, than you are probably running around piecing together the last bits and pieces of Christmas.  I still have to go purchase the food and wrap a view presents.  On Tuesday, my babysitter took the girls to Stone Mountain to enjoy the Holiday activities out there while I took the boys to see Rogue One Star Wars.  Not sure how I feel about it.  It wasn't bad and it wasn't amazing.  The boys liked it though and that is what is important.  I don't get an opportunity to connect with them as much as I do the girls, so I wanted to make sure we got out and did something.  Anyways, the girls had a great time.  Yesterday, we spent the day outside at the park.  It was 62 degrees!  Roman brought a friend with him and we had lunch at Chick fil A.  After the park, we went to see the movie Sing.  I have to say it was one of the best animated movies I have ever seen.  The movie had a great message and I had a hard time not getting out of my seat to dance.  Speaking of music, I discovered this old version of Jingle Bells by Barbara Streisand.  It is brilliant!  Have you ever heard it before?  I am surprised that I have never heard the song before.  Enjoy!  Well, I better be going.  Gotta go get that ham. Then we are off to Lake Lanier to see the Christmas lights. /Merry Christmas!


kksharma said…
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Anonymous said…
For a family with children (or grand children) December is such a fun time - all the stores and entertainment are geared to it! Thank you for sharing the collage with ALL SEASONS! I made one too, but don't know yet in a weekly post or for the SEASONS posts,
Really appreciate you taking time out each week of your busy schedule to post for SEASONS! All the best to you, and the move in the New Year!
I'm sure your beautiful family had a wonderful Christmas after all the rush to get ready. Wishing all of you the best possible of New Years.

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