Greenville, South Carolina

Hi!  How are you?  Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday  We had spent Christmas Eve with my parents and then on Christmas day we went to church and invited a colleague of my husbands over along with her husband over for dinner.  They are far away from their family and had no plans to go home this year .  We just couldn't bear the thought of them spending the day alone.  The day was unseasonably warm and after dinner we ate dessert outside by the outside fireplace.  Since next year is going to be a big year of travel and exploration this year we decided to stay close to home.  The great thing about living in Atlanta is really that you are so close to so many great cities.  Greenville is only 2 hours from our home.  I love this city because it is not too big, but still offers plenty to see. The weather was gorgeous, so we choose to hang out by the Reedy River at Falls Park.  It was a perfect way to get out some energy after being in the car.  We soaked in every bit of the sun.  Then it was time to get some dinner and head to the hotel.  We woke up to freezing cold temperatures, so it was a good thing we had planned to go to the Children's Museum with the children.  There we met our friend Bella and her mother Jennifer.  Bella lived in the same orphanage as Ivy; however, they only lived there for a short time together as Bella was adopted soon after Ivy was born and came into the care of the orphanage.  The children had a great time.  They museum has three levels and there is plenty to do.  Then it was time to say goodbye to our friend and head back home.  If you are ever in Greenville stop by the super cute zoo or check take a walk down main street and have lunch in one of the many cute restaurants.  


looks like the kids had a great time together. Have a fabulous 2017 and thank you so much for stopping by my blog this week.
EricaSta said…
Thank you for the good wishes.

And now it's time to prepare Silvester. Wish you and your family a very good New Year 2017,
Oh, such lovely kids. They really enjoyed the visit:). I'm looking forward to seeing your latest travel diary - I have only been to New York, but I'M dying to explore the South of USA (so you will be seeing me quite a lot in your blog)

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