Life Marches On

Time sure doesn't stand still!  We are now in our second full week of school.  Mostly it is going well except a couple of the little ones are having a hard time with the changes in their schedule; especially, Avery, who get naps at school and thus doesn't want to go to bed at night and is a bear in the morning. We are having lots of melt downs.  I have asked the school not to let her sleep, but I am not sure they are really understanding what a monster she is at home.  I may have to put her in a different program if she doesn't adjust soon.  She is almost 5 and giving her a nap means she doesn't fall asleep till almost 11 p.m. at night.  Adelaide is loving school and jumps right out of bed each morning so excited for the new day.  Harris got into the A.P. Calculus course he wanted to get into and Winston seems to have no complaints.  Every time I think I can move on from summer, I find more photos of stuff I haven't posted such as photo's  from Winston's High Adventure Camp with the scouts, EFY, dinner from our 19th wedding Anniversary, and so on.  Can't believe 19 years has past since my husband and I said, "I do."  What an amazing adventure we have been on!  I am so grateful I have gotten to have spent it with him.  It is funny when you first get married you think you are in love, but it isn't until you have been in love for many years that you really understand what real love is!  Well, it is very late, so I better get to bed.  Morning comes fast. Have a great week!

Pokemon fever hit our house

We went to Bahama Bucks to celebrate going back to school.
Super Yummy!

Winston spent a week on a high adventure scout camp.
They built these amazing stairs as part of a service project.

Winston also attend EFY in Gainsville, Georgia at the the beginning of July.
What's that?  A week long church youth camp.
He had a blast!

 We went to Black Walnut for lunch to celebrate 19 years of marriage.

 Addy's teacher sent me these darling photos of her!
We couldn't miss out on trying the new flavors of chips this summer.
They weren't so bad and actually pretty good.  


Holly said…
Congratulations on 19 yrs of marriage! I'm behind also in posting summer pics. I hope you all have a great week and Avery adjusts soon, so she won't have to transition school again.
Buckeroomama said…
Indian Tikka Masala Lays! I wish we have that here.:)
Jeanna said…
I missed those chip flavors somehow but take me to Bahama Bucks! I remember being pretty grumpy for morning kindergarten and getting switched to afternoon, that might be something to look into.
Anonymous said…
Nineteen years of marriage, is certainly a day to celebrate, especially these days! Congrats Keylleyn:) in between all the other things going on for the kids!!

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