A Day in Louisville

I have been crazy busy since I got home from vacation.  Back to school shopping, registering Adelaide for kindergarten, grocery shopping along with rearranging 3 bedrooms.  It started off with wanting to give Winston and Roman their own bedrooms; but this also meant putting the girls all together in the same bedroom.  I don't think we realized what a task it was going to be to move all the stuff from one bedroom into another. I am beyond thrilled because now their rooms are so clean.  This morning we squeezed in a few more fun summer activities like swimming, lunch, and shaved ice from Bahama Bucks.  Yummy!  I just realized that I still have some photos from our trip that I haven't posted. Our day in Louisville!  We drove to Louisville on Monday with a stop in Murfreesboro, TN to visit our friend Abigail who is also adopted from China.  We met her and her mom and dad on our trip to get Ivy.  Such a lovely family!  We ended up hitting some traffic just outside Louisville, so we didn't get to our friends house until dinner time.  The morning sky tricked us into thinking the weather was going to be lovely all day.  As soon as we pulled out of the driveway to head to the zoo, the sky opened up and we were being hit with some pretty heavy rain.  We needed to put plan B into action and we ended up going to the Children's Museum.  What a great museum! We stopped by the slugger museum, but didn't go as the children were starving by this point.  Ended the day with a BBQ with friends which you have already seen the photos.  Thankfully, the sun came out just in time for that adventure.


NatureFootstep said…
wow, that seems to have been a very fun day :)
Mascha said…
A rainy day... and girls in dresses like sun... the second photo is especially beautiful, I very like it.

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