A Series of Christmas Events

Another weekend is upon us!  My husband is coming home from Italy (Milan) tonight and I am so excited.  I don't enjoy the single parent gig. Yesterday was a particularly hard day as Addy was sick and stayed home from school.  She takes whining to the epic level.Thankfully, the day ended with my son Winston willing to help me pick up the house and the girls and I watched Micky Christmas in bed until their eye-lids fell heavy. Tonight we will be heading to our church Christmas party, and on Saturday the little kids will be performing in the German Christmas program; however, let's not get a head of ourselves.  Last weekend, the children were excited to find St. Nicholas had left a few things in their shoes. Following German school, the children and I headed over to the International School where each year they host the Christmas Market!  I was so thrilled to let the children decorate Christmas cookies as that is one holiday activity I could do without.  I hate making sugar cookies and hate the mess all the sprinkles make.  I know-bah hum bug!  I am more than thrilled though to make this recipe.  Super easy to make and not nearly as messy.  Last but not least Roman had to transform a gingerbread man into his favorite character.  He picked Aqua Archie from Pokemon.  Well, I hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of love and celebrating.  


Stephanie said…
Oh my word, that Gingerbread man is AWESOME! And I feel the same way about sugar cookies...every year I make them, and every year I vow to never make them again. HA!

I hope you're all doing well! So glad you're husband will be home soon!!!
Shauna said…
I love the Gingerbread boy! So cute!! Glad your husband comes home soon. And that is so funny about the fruit on the tree. To be honest I like it more than most of the other ornaments, it's just so old world and classic. ;) Love,

Shauna xo
Love your pictures! And totally envy you for the cruise you are going on!

God Jul! That's what they say here in Sweden :-)
Francesca said…
roman was right re-inventing his gingerbread man!
Tera said…
We celebrate St Nicholas with a stocking filled with practical treats and fruits. This year the morning of the 6th was also breakfast with Santa.

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