Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

Hi!  I am back!  Life kind of swept me away the last few days before our trip and I never got around to posting our Christmas card for this year, so Happy Belated Christmas.  How are you?  Did you have a good Christmas?  We celebrated Christmas on the 21st as it was not practical to bring all the presents on the ship. The girls loved their dolls, Winston loved his underwater camera and tickets to a basketball game, Harris got a few small things like underwear and books, but his real gift was the computer.  Roman was a little sad as Santa made a mistake and gave him a game for the wrong XBOX, but was thrilled with his other gifts.  We ate donuts and read the Christmas story and off we went to Florida.  Well, I have mounds of laundry to do and a game to return so I am off.  I hope you have a fantastic day.  


Stephanie said…
What a beautiful card! And I hope you guys had an amazing time on your cruise! Merry Christmas!
Francesca said…
you did a wonderful job on the card! hope the cruise was beautiful and relaxing for you!

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