Scout Camp 2014

I love that my boys have the opportunity to participate in the Boy Scout program because they get to have so many wonderful opportunities to do fun things that they would otherwise get to experience.  I also like that it is not just about camping, but that they work on developing the child as a whole individual. Last week Harris and Winston had the opportunity to attend Boy Scout Camp.  They had a blast!  They went to the capitol and met with leaders from our state and local governments, the went to the federal reserve, they went to Georgia Tech were they did a morning workshop on building robots, then traveled north where they slept out in tents and learned how to build bridges and cook.  The first night was ruff as it rained all night and they were soaking wet.  They even saw a baby black bear!  Then it was to Lake Lanier where they went water skiing and Kayaking.  I am so grateful for all the dads who give up a week of their vacation to make this happen.  Boy Scouts Rocks!


Unknown said…
Wow! Sounds like an awesome scout camp! How did the like the robot workshop?
Francesca said…
nothing like the scout camps i went to as a child!
tinajo said…
Love scout camps - my sons didn´t go this year but they have been several years in a row and enjoyed every minute! :-)

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