Learning from the Best

Harris has been interested in computers and engineering type activities since he was very little.  He didn't really like to play with toys except for maybe Legos or games, but he would gravitate towards pulling things apart and examining things.  He also learned how to operate the computer at a much younger age than the other children. Last week he had the opportunity to attend a camp at Georgia Tech on how do make Apps. Just like Winston this camp was pretty hard to get into and you had to have letters of recommendations from your teachers at school.  He had a blast!!!!!

Moving onto the World Cup, Frank was so thrilled last week when Germany won! He was over the moon and wore his shirt to work one day.  Just to gloat a little he sent out this picture to all his colleagues.

The last picture was taken of Frank on a recent scuba diving trip. It has been a busy but yet slow kind of summer.  Not such a bad thing.  Roman's arm has really slowed us down from exploring and going swimming.  Today he and his friends are going to see the Disney movie Firetrucks and Planes.  He is so excited.  Afterwards, we are going to purchase our school supplies.  School starts in two weeks. The bigger boys are at Scout Camp this week, and my dad arrived from Arizona on Friday.  He is moving here permanently. We are busy looking for an apartment for him.  How about you?  How has your summer been? Do you have any big plans for the last few weeks of summer?  Well, I am off to the gym.  Have a great day!


Francesca said…
your school vacation is SO short! hope you can all make the most of what's remaining!

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