Strawberry Love

Today was a perfect day minus that I miss my husband.  He is in Germany with his mother celebrating her 70th birthday this weekend.  We slept in, picked strawberries, Winston completed his scuba certification, and he scored 2 goals and assisted the third goal for today's soccer game.  The house is clean and the children are all tucked into bed.  Now I am off to bed as this mommy is very tired.  Hope you have a very happy Sunday!


Shauna said…
What a great day!! Such cute pictures. Glad to see everyone is well again. :) Happy Sabbath. Love

Shauna xoxoxo
Francesca said…
i can't believe you have strawberries already!
looks like you had a great day!
Perfect weekend! I can't believe its strawberry season there already! You are so lucky I swear it was snowing here for a few minutes this morning. As I type this I'm cuddling around a space heater! I love all the pictures kiddos look so cute and happy! Happy Sunday to you!
Leggio said…
Love Strawberry Pickin!!!! So fun!!!
Absolutely LOVE the pictures of your children!! They are growing up so quickly. Glad everyone is on the mend.

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