The farm "multicolored""

My Many Colored Days
Some days are yellow.
Some are blue.
On different days I'm different too.
You'd be surprised how many ways
I change on different colored days.
On Bright Red Days
how good it feels to be a horse
and kick my heels!
On other days I'm other things.
On Bright Blue Days
I flap my wing.
Some days, of course, feel sort of Brown.
Then I feel slow and low, low down.
Then comes a Yellow Day.
And, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
I am a busy, buzzy bee.
Gray Day...Everything is gray.
I watch. But nothing moves today.
Then all of a sudden
I'm a circus seal!  On my orange Days
that's how I feel.
Green Days. Deep deep in the sea.
Cool and quiet fish.  That's me.
On Purple Days I'm sad.
I groan. I drag my tail.  I walk alone.
                                                       But when my days are Happy Pink
it's great to jump and just not think.
Then comes my Black Days. Mad, And Loud.
I howl. I growl at every cloud.
Then comes a Mixed-up Day. And Wham!
I don't know who or what I am!
But it all turns out all right, you see.
And I go back to being me.
by Dr. Seuss

Our last few days in Seattle were spent on Bainbridge Island at a friends farm.  They were perfect end to a fantastic trip.  Thanks goes to my wonderful husband and my mother who held down the fort for without your help this trip would not have been possible. Thanks to my friend who opened her home and showed me love and generosity. 


Di said…
Love Dr Seuss and that's a great poem! It really looks like you had a lovely time in Seattle.
Love the quote and boy what an amazing last day....beautiful pictures! Happy Weekend!
Francesca said…
And I thought I knew all of Dr Seuss - which book is that from? You have a great family who supports your love of travel, and great courage to hop on planes with one of more kids in tow, and ... fly. :)
nadine paduart said…
for the love of multi coloured, et all... my, what a panoply of happiness this is.. and your other colour settings earlier this week too.
and welcome back home...!
Love Dr Seuss! If you ever run across his biography, it is really interesting. Bainbridge Island - on the top of our list to visit one day. Looks like a great vacation!
Arctic Mum said…
Hi, yes, by birthday is on the 20th, so very close to yours! I will celebrate with my girlfriends here at home, no men allowed. Will be great! Now I nurse Anna less too. She's no walking yet, but stands alone for a few seconds. She's started daycare, which she loves. I look forward to her walking for sure, much easier, as I'm sure you look forward to Addie doing soon too!
Mari said…
I love Dr Seuss and I love your pictures! Glad you had such a good time.
likeschocolate said…
Thank you Mari ! Your words are kind.

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