Winston loves soccer!   When he heard that there was going to be another soccer camp in Butzbach he begged for us to let him go again.  This year he one a trophy for his team being best at the obstacle courses.  He is so excited to start playing soccer this year for a local team.  He can't wait!  Stay tuned to see him in action.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun!  Did you seen the closing cermony of the Olympics.  It was the best ceremony of all time.  The Brits rocked it tonight.  I have been working on re-decorating our house.  Some rooms just need a few home touches and others need a complete make-over.  While I didn't leave the house this weekend except for church, it has been fun shopping through Etsy.  Have you ever bought anything off Etsy.  I think it is  such a great place to buy such individual and unique pieces of art.  I can't wait to show you some of the things I have bought.  Well, it is late and I better get to bed.  See you around this week.


Heart Mommy said…
Way to go Winston!!! I totally am doing the room make overs too!!! Munchie needs big girl stuff, new baby needs nursery, and gators room will be built down stairs and will have an outside theme!!! Take lots of before and after pics so I can get ideas!!!!
Congrats Winston...I hope he has a great soccer season! I love shopping through Etsy....great stuff. I loved the Olympics and the opening and closing ceremonies! Sad for it to end! But now we have moved on to Shark Week! yay! Have a wonderful week and fun decorating!
Theresa said…
How is waking up early going? We have made a big change. For the first time I am getting the kids to bed almost an hour earlier than we have ever done. The key to my success? I am going to bed far earlier and waking at 5:30 am. So they are following suit, and I a, also insisting they do this. Now I can get a walk in before the mad rush to get them off to school. It's so hot here it's the best way to get any exercise cuz walking in the heat is too hard on me.
Good luck!

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