Operation Christmas


The last few days we have been in full Operation Christmas mode.  I think I am on sonic speed mode since I have so much to fit in before we leave for Utah to go skiing. It all began on Sunday with the lighting of the first candle for Advent. Christmas music filled the air, hot cocoa with marshmallows and the traditional gingerbread house was erected. Monday it was off to Joanne Fabrics to pick up craft supplies to complete a ribbon wreath I saw on the blog Little Birdie Secrets. I will keep one for our tree and one to give away for an ornament swap I signed up for on another blog. Unfortunately, I didn't find everything I need to complete the crafts I have in store, so it is off to Michael's. Christmas cards still hadn't arrived, so I spent some time on my knees praying that they would come the next day. Since we moved, I wanted to get my cards off early to let everyone know we moved. I spent much of Monday working on my craft. Tuesday, I worked on teacher gift, neighbor gifts, and gifts for people who provide our families services such as our pediatrician and cardiologist. This year I decided to go with Cookies in a jar and Homemade Hot Cocoa. Recipe for cookie idea came from Bakerella and the Homemade Hot Cocoa came once again from Little Birdie Secrets. I think by making homemade I saved about $100. Plus, I don't know about you, but don't you feel more appreciated when someone gives you something homemade. Tuesday evening our Christmas cards arrived and by some miracle, the baby actually slept early that evening and I was able to get them all address. Wednesday, I completed the cards and was able to get them off in the mail. I feel like I can now rest a little. We went to our first Christmas party of the season for my sons Sunday school class and thankfully all the cookies disappeared. Thursday, Roman, and Addy had there picture taken with Santa. Sadly, I am not sure if it is going to turn out. Roman has a rash around the bottom of his mouth from licking it with his tongue. Addy had her first baby acne and to top it off she pucked on her shirt. I thought of canceling the whole thing, but I am not sure we will have another chance to see Santa. Well, I have to just cross my fingers that her wet shirt won't show and that the photographer can Photoshop out the rash and acne. Every day I am jamming out in my car to Christmas music. How about you? Are you listening to Christmas music yet? To say the least I am exhausted so I am off to bed. Good Night!


Emily said…
I can't believe you've done so much already! It's impressive! Get some rest!
Emily M. said…
WHEW! i'm exhausted just reading about it all!!! good for you, supermama! :D
Isabelle said…
I love your idea of cookies in a jar ... Happy Xmas time !!
Wow you have done a lot and it's only the second of December! We are heading to Utah to ski in February. My hubby spends too much time online looking at Snowbirds webcam and photo of the day!
Have a great weekend!
Dana said…
You rock!
I hope you had a restful night, just reading this post made me tired.
Andi said…
I'm impressed and exhausted all at the same time! :) I love how much you love holidays and festivities! I pulled out the decorations yesterday and I'm getting there. Enjoy your trip!

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