In a couple of hours, I will be getting on a plane for Salt Lake.  It is just a little after midnight.  I am so tired.  Harris homework is just about killing me.  What the teacher expects a 12-year-old to stay up till midnight to complete their homework.  It hasn't been just one night.  He has done this about 4 nights in a row.

Addy started eating solids last week.  She doesn't seem to love sweet potatoes as much as her brothers.  She loves pear.

Addy weighs 12 pounds 7 ounces now.  She was 11 pounds 4 ounces last month.

We went to the movies last weekend and saw Arthur Christmas.  It is so cute!  It is a must see and a new Christmas classic.

Winston performed this past weekend in the annual German school Christmas production.  They sang a song called Weinachts Baeckeri.  He really got into it this year.  He is really doing great at school.

Roman finally can say the whole alphabet.  He is starting to connect what sounds each letter makes too.

We have another red belt in the house.  Winston was promoted in Karate on Monday night.  He is so happy.
I hear it is snowing in Salt Lake.  It should make for great snow on Thursday.  Well, I better go.  In case, I don't get on the internet the next couple days, I hope you all have a fantastic week.


Sounds like a wonderful December so far! Yes that is way too much homework! Safe travels!
Francesca said…
Safe travels, enjoy your trip ... away from homeworks:)
Unknown said…
Adorable pictures! Have fun in Salt Lake. :)
Have a wonderful trip...hope you get to enjoy some snow, too!

P.S. My kids both loved avocado as an early food.

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