Ruby Falls with Oma and Opa

Harris with Oma and Opa
Winston and Roman
Ruby Falls
Who can get there first?

Charlemagne's Kingdom
Hi! How are you? I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We have had beautiful weather. It couldn't get any better. Yesterday, we took a break from unpacking boxes and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day by going up to Helen, Georgia. First, we took Opa to Charlemagne's Kingdom. A miniature train collection depicting the North Sea, German Mountains, Oktoberfest, and Holland. Opa was in heaven. He must have taken 100 photos. It gave him some good ideas for his own train collection. Then we grabbed some pretzels from the bakery and headed over to Ruby Falls. It was just what the boys needed to burn off some energy. We finished the day off with burgers from Five Guys! Can you say Yummo! It was a perfect day. What did you do this weekend?


Cool pictures looks like a beautiful day! Love seeing all the smiling faces and enjoying their time with their Oma and Opa! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Purple Flowers said…
I think it's great for your children to know their Oma and Opa - such great memories!
My husband and I cleaned up our garden, and went out for a seafood lunch - yummy!
Unknown said…
Isn't always more fun with grandma and grandpa? And those trains look amazing!
Francesca said…
What a good idea to take a break from unpacking and have an outing instead!
cate said…
must have felt so good to just get out of town and go do something fun- especially with some help from the grandparents! your boys are adorable, and it looks like opa and oma are pretty adorable themselves.
tanïa said…
Always the best to spend time with family! What a perfect day and a lovely miniature of Germany! I celebrated the birthday of a friend, it was also a great pleasure!
Schöne Grüße an Oma und Opa!! ;o)
Hi there! I'm just catching up, but it looks like you guys have been busy. I hope you are settling in well. And CONGRATS on your news! A girl?! Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! Best wishes from Copenhagen!
Nadja said…

am glad to read that the baby is well and that you have nice neighbours. I hope that the unpacking will be over soon so that you will be able to settle down. That is great that Frank's parents could help you with the move. The pictures of Ruby Falls brought back great memories, I can imagine that Frank's dad enjoyed it there. If I am not mistaken, there was some kind of water-spitting figure there in that German village, which was really hilarious :-)

Lots of hugs,


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