Happy Weekend!

Hi! I hope you have a happy weekend. I am excited! This weekend it is going to be 80 degrees here in Atlanta. I love when I don't have to wear a coat. Did you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Mine sucked! My favorite Irish restaurant decided that in order to keep up with the busy crowds they were going to cut back on their menu. What do chicken fingers, terriaki chicken wings, and hot dogs wrapped in bacon have anything to do with St. Patrick's day? They did offer corn beef and cabbage, but it was served in a lump in a small paper bowl. Frustrated and disappointed I sent it back to the kitchen and said no thanks. I went home and made mac and cheese with Dublin cheddar. Seriously yummy! Well, it is off to fold my laundry which I have neglected this past week. Then off to see Mars needs Moms when the boys get home from school. I have been enjoying this sweet song. Hope you like it too! Happy Weekend!


Francesca said…
Happy (and warm) weekend!
Arctic Mum said…
Happy weekend to you too. Am very, very envious about that left out coat!
Unknown said…
That stinks that the restaurant changed their menu. I tried making corned beef and cabbage, and boy did it ever stink up the house. Mac and cheese would have been a much better idea!
Sorry St. Patty's day was a let down. Loved the video...she is from Utah and loved seeing the Utah mountains plus my favorite blogger and her kiddos in video. Do you read Nie Nie she is an inspiration.
Have a wonderful weekend!
;) said…
In France St Patrick is forgotten ;)
I think my week-end will be quiet !

Have a nice time
Cherry B said…
Sounds great! I didn't know you were in ATL-- I'm looking for a job there in marketing!!
Southern Kiwi said…
Gidday Kelleyn! Just found your blog. Ugh - can't believe all my Beehives are 8 now... Love the video :o)
Sweet song indeed. I hope your weekend was good. xx
Allison said…
Oh, I remember the days of 80 degree weather in March from my North Carolina days... sigh. It's not been quite that warm here, but nice enougt to let the little guy play outside.

Major bummer with the restarant, but it sounds as if your mac and cheese was a pretty good alternative. I love cheddar (in fact it's my favortie) but it's really hard to find here. Thank goodness my favorite grocery store carries it. They had at one time threatened to stop carring it... I almost came home that day and cried! (but I was pregnant at the time)

Enjoy the last 122 days!

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