Mary Poppins

Last week when my father was here we took the boys to see Mary Poppins. Winston fell asleep about a 1/2 hour into the show. He just couldn't keep his eyes open. Everyone around us was amazed at how he was curled up in his seat and fast asleep. I guess 8p show time was just too late for him; especially, after a long week at school. Harris loved it. He loved how Mary Poppins flew up through the audience and how Burt climbed the walls. If you know the Disney version you will be surprised at some of the changes. I can't decide if I liked them or not. We all loved the stepping time scene! This is the third time I have attended plays at this theater (Fox), and while the theater is gorgeous inside it is really hard to see the actors faces with my price budget. I think I am going to stick with local performances. I just can't bring myself to pay over a hundred dollars per ticket. Overall, the play was great!


Justin said…
They have a remake of Mary Poppins?? Okay, I am really out of it. Another movie to put on my list.
Dana said…
We have tickets for a performance at the Kennedy Center this summer. The cost for the three of us and mother-in-law is just plain embarassing -- however, I just refuse to sit in the seats where I can't see a darn thing. I'd rather stay home. We don't have the luxury of a local musical theater. . . .so I do this each summer. Last year it was The Color Purple, which was phenomenal.
Thanks for the positive review!
Traveling Mama said…
I heard from some friends that the scenes with Mary Poppins flying were amazing, but my parents were a little perplexed by the statue scene. I'm glad you guys got to go! We almost took Hailey, but with Landon's surgery we just couldn't do it. Maybe another four years from now? :-)

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