At the moment

At the moment, it is raining buckets outside and I am on my way to the gym. It feels like a sauna outside. Since January I have lost 23 pounds. Boy it is hard work to lose weight. I would like to lose another 20 by July. I am saying my prayers. The weight seems to come off slowly.
At the moment, I am loving Oven Roasted Coco Almonds by Emerald. They make such a yummy healthy snack.

At the moment, I love the my 11 year old son still feels comfortable enough to crawl into bed with me when he is scared of the lightning outside.
At the moment, I love when I hear my 3 year old say funny things like the other day I heard him say "I am going to kick the bad guys butt's." I was totally shocked. I asked him what he said,"kicking bad guys butt's. Too funny. I laughed super hard. I know I shouldn't do this because this is only going to encourage him to say it more; however, I just couldn't help myself. Where did he learn this?
At the moment, while I don't get to watch a lot of TV because I tend to fall asleep. I love these three shows. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution-you will never look at a chicken nugget the same way. Glee because I was a glee girl, and Who do you Think you are?
At the moment, I am making preparations for the end of the school year on the 21st. My 11 year old went on a 2 day trip with his 5Th grade class. Finalizing all the details for my 8 year olds baptism, and googling things to do in Branson, Missouri where we will travel at the end of this month for vacation.


Andi said…
Congrats on your weight loss! It is hard work, and those final pounds are soooooo hard.
Mlle Paradis said…
congrats on the weight loss. that was hard work i'll bet! and thanks for the heads up about "who do you think you are?" i've seen it in england (their version of course) would love to see what they come up here!

stay dry!
Silver Strands said…
Wow! 23 pounds?!!! Amazing - congratulations. Good luck, but it sounds like you don't need it ... you're on a roll here. I bet the last 20 will just melt off in the summer heat :)

shayndel said…
I like the idea of making an inventory like this of all the positive things.
Enjoy each moment, a happy day to you, and happy travels at the end of the month:)
Ma life à moi said…
It's quite hard to loose weight so very well done!
kyndale said…
What a great list! It sounds like you have a sweet, lovely family!
Melly Mel said…
This is such great news! congrats!

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