Moving On!

Yesterday, my oldest graduated from elementary school. It was bitter sweet because while I am happy that he is learning and growing, I know it is just a matter of time before he will be all grown up. It really does seem like yesterday that it was his first day of Kindergarten. Now he will be moving on to 6 th grade and middle school. Not all of his friends will be going to the same school about 1/2 will be going to the other middle school in our area. The school had a really nice promotion ceremony for the children to celebrate their accomplishments over the last few years followed by a reception afterwards. Today the children will take a bus to see their new middle schools, and then afterward their will be a dance and BBQ.

Above are a few pictures of Harris with his friends. Harris with Mark, receiving his completion certificate, Harris and Jake, the final walk, Harris and I , Harris with his math teacher Miss. Richmond, and Harris with Robert.
Congratulations Harris!


Emily said…
Okay, I remember graduating from elementary school and then getting to go tour the middle school myself. It was so exciting and fun, but even THAT memory feels like only yesterday. Now my daughter is about to start Kindergarten. How did time suddenly start moving so quickly?

Congratulations to your son! Now tell him to SLOW DOWN!
Silver Strands said…
Congratulations to Harris, yes ... but also to his beautiful mom! That's tough work, getting a kid through elementary school. Hope you have a great weekend :)
Maryline said…
Nice family !
Congratulations !

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