Tonight I think I died and went to Heaven. I had the best meal of my life. We at one of the best restaurants here in Atlanta called Chop-Lobster Bar. The atmosphere was perfect. We also went to a couple of good friends. The decor brings you back into the 1920's and makes you feel as if maybe you are in an old library with its dark wood paneled walls. Unlike some restaurants, we were actually able to talk with our friends without having to shout over the other customers or music. We all started out with this amazing spinach salad covered in crispy little chunks of bacon, candied shitake mushrooms, pine nuts with a ward Dijon dressing. After that I choose the 3 inches cut prime lamb chops with sides of maple glazed carrots, steamed broccoli, and thinly sliced potatoes that were roasted with onions. Last but not least dessert, I had the chocolate toffee tort with vanilla ice cream and Carmel. Now you know why I think I have died and gone to Heaven. Can you say yum?


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