So So Sad

I am so so sad! The other night, I went to take a picture of these really fun treats called Goblins made out of Kix cereal and marshmallow that we made for Family Home Evening and broke the camera. I was rushing to take the picture before the kids devoured them and I dropped my camera. It is now broken and being evaluated on to whether it is worth fixing. The lens is damaged. I am so so sad. How can I live without a camera?


that would kill me... if Matt didn't first! :(
Audra said…
I feel your pain! Been there- without a camera. Hope you can fix it and get it back soon!
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh, that is like my worst fear. I destroyed my old film Canon Rebel in a car accident and I didn't get another SLR/DSLR for almost 4 years. Now I couldn't go 4 days without it! I hope it's not to expensive to fix!! What kind of camera do you have anyways?

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