E is for Emergency Room

Once upon a time, there was a silly, happy, dirty face little boy named Winston. He loved life and always seemed to find the best in every situation. When he was 3, he thought he was funny by telling jokes. His favorite was, What has 8 holes and eats cheese? A mouse was the answer. Didn't make any sense at all but he thought he was very funny. His favorite color is blue and is proud that his middle name is Thomas like his dad. He loves to play computer, watch Ben 10, and his favorite food is Pizza. However, one day he went hiking with his mom. Well, they really didn't get to go on the hike because he and his brother were playing tag while mom was getting the stroller out of the car. This is what happened. 8 stitches and a trip to Children's. At least he got a green Popsicle and a Webkinz out of the whole ordeal.


Company EIGHT said…
Oh no, the poor thing! So far we have escaped any major stitches at our house, but I'm sure our time is coming!
Kelly said…
It seems to have worked out well for him.
Nadja said…
looks really bad... hope it didn't hurt too much... :-(

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