Book Review 2023 Edition

Two books down for 2023, I think that is pretty good given how busy I am.  I love reading and my goal for this year was to read more and watch less TV in the evening.  The first book was recommended to me by a friend's mom who comes from Germany.  40 Autumns is a true story that covers the historical time period right after the war to the modern day.  The writer Nina is a character in the story and is also the storyteller on behalf of her mother and other relatives.  While I knew much about this time period there was also so much I didn't know.  We have all heard stories about life behind the curtain in movies like Bridge of Spies, Night Crossing, and the less-known movie Lives of Others, but 40 Autumns really give us a comprehensive look at what it was really like to live in the GDR otherwise known as East Germany.  I also found this book fascinating because my mother-in-law escaped East Germany as a child while most of her relatives remained behind.  

The second book I read this year was titled What the Wind Knows by Amy Harom.  This book is a historical romance fiction that covers the time period of 1916-1922 in Ireland.  The era of Michael Collins and the fight for Irish freedom from the British. The main character Anne who lives in 2001 finds she somehow has mysteriously gone back in time upon her arrival to Ireland while in the process of spreading her Irish grandfather's ashes.  I loved this story.  While my relatives had left Ireland just around the time of the potato famine, I imagine that I still have relatives living there today, and given that they were catholic I imagine some of them were involved in wanting freedom from England.  The story while a romance does not deter from the main storyline and is beautifully written.  Afterward, I had to go and watch the movie Michael Collins because while I knew a few things about this time period, the fact is I really knew nothing.  So if you like historical fiction, I would highly recommend these two books.  


NCSue said…
I'm reading a really heart-warming book right now - The Day The World Came to Town. Highly recommended.
Thanks for sharing at
Ah, traveling through books. I've always loved to do that and read although I don't as much as I use to. I'll look these up. They look very interesting. I'm reading or should say have been reading the Journal of Helene Berr. A Jewish girl who lived as the Halocaust was beginning. Her family's story. I'm past mid way. Sad to read as I don't think she makes it. Just every day life and how at first it didn't seem that real. I also do books on my phone I can listen to as I'm doing chores or other things. It's new and free from my library so I thought why not, but I do like to have hands on books. Happy traveling and thnaks for visiting me.

Violetta said…
Sounds interesting - maybe I find it on Kindle.
All the best and thanks for visiting my blog

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