23!  23!  Harris is 23!  I have to keep repeating that because it is crazy!  He is my firstborn!  The one who came with a full tank of gas and has had me on the edge of my seat since day one!  In just a few weeks, he will be a college graduate and hopefully a full-time working member of society.  He still hasn't decided what direction he wants to go in, but I know he will get there!  He is currently doing an internship for a company in Los Angeles.  I can't wait to see what direction he will go!  We are so proud of him!  

                                                           Happy Birthday, Harris!


italiafinlandia said…
All the best to your son!👍
Dearest Kelleyn,
LOVE that final photo, what a happy Mama and a cute smiling baby-boy!
Those years fly past it seems like.
Enjoy the next chapter.
William Kendall said…
Good shots over time.
lesh Stgermain said…
Whenever you come to Austin, we'll have to get together - I live in one of the suburbs... When my son was little we went to antigue car shows (more than 30 years ago) -that's how far we came with cars...
Your sons - look now different personalities from before:)
Rudbekia said…
When a Child is born in Bethlehem,
He brings joy to everyone in the world.
May it join the Divine Child
happy days will come,
And peace like a star, let it shine.

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