End of school year!

The girls performed in their spring piano recital and did a fantastic job!

I went to see my dad two times this month. I need to look into seeing if I can get him moved closer to me. 90 minutes is too far to drive for a 20-minute visit. He likes his new home and is happy.

My friend Simona made me lunch pasta with eggplant and tuna. First time we have seen each other since Covid.

My son Harris came home for the month of May from college. He is workday Microsoft this summer. He heads to Seattle next week.

Winston turned 19 this past week. We celebrated via Facebook messenger. 

We had the Elders over for dinner and they taught a wonderful lesson to the girls about preparing oneself spiritually in this life. Jepson, Stock, and Fulmer.

The girls moved up a level in Karate and are now advanced green belts.

The girls and I participated in a mommy/daughter dinner this week where they learned proper table etiquette and Shelley talked to them about their individual worth. How being kind and generous are more important than being popular. We had a lovely evening.

 It’s crazy town around here as we end the school year next week and head to Germany for the summer.  I am counting my blessings as somehow my kids survived and I survived. Praying Covid is behind us and I hope I never see the likes of the last 15 months in my lifetime. Here is a glimpse into our life the past week. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


William Kendall said…
If he likes where he is, it might be best to have him stay there.
Michelle said…
It sounds like busy times for you. My dad lives hours away from me and I find it very difficult. Lots of worry for me. I hope your dad continues to do well.

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