New Year New Begginings 2021

Hello!  I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year Eve and despite whatever may be going on in the news have found some hope in the year to come!  I did see one meme that was pretty funny.  It said something to the effect OK, I have had my 7-day trial subscription and I would like a refund.  Yes, 2021 did get off to a rocky start didn't it, and wasn't exactly what I suppose all of us hoped for, but I am still pretty optimistic that this year is going to be a good one.  2020 was certainly more stressful for me than in other years, but I do have much to be grateful for!  I was able to visit with two of my best friends in the world.  We all stayed healthy!  My husband still has a job!  We renovated our home.  We did a major cleanout of our home and got organized.  My son was able to go on a mission.  My other son got a job offer from Microsoft.  So overall not so bad.  We are now home from Utah and I have taken the last few days to unpack, put the Christmas tree away, and get the children settled back in school.  Utah turned out to be one of our best vacations yet.  The girls loved skiing and it was wonderful being able to spend time with our older son.  While we were in Utah, I took Avery and Ivy to the Aquarium.  They really enjoyed themselves.  Addy and Roman did not want to go, so they stayed back at the hotel with their father. New Year's rolled around with very little hoopla for us this year.  The children went to the pool and the hot tub, we ordered take out as we did the whole vacation, and we watched the Movie Soul on Disney Plus!  I think I was the only one awake at midnight and watched the fireworks from our hotel room.  Our son Harris spent the evening back at his apartment getting ready for his trip to Maui with friends from school.  Lucky Duck!    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


Junie-Jesh said…
Kelleyn, even though you say it was the most stressful year in 2020 - like for many of us, your family did great. Such great news to hear! Interesting captures from the Aquarium, especially the last one. I recognize it -it must be photographed by many in blog land. Yes, a happy New Year to you with hopefully less stress:) Many thanks for keeping us at All Seasons updated and part of your life:)Jesh
Zinaida Strinu said…
Happy New Year, Kelleyn!
Zinaida Strinu said…
I allowed myself to borrow a photo and post it on my blog, here, with the necessary link, of course.

Thank you very much!

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