Everything is Going to Be Ok!

I am sure that I mentioned my son is serving a church mission in Germany right now.  He is really struggling right now as they have been in lockdown since around Thanksgiving.  Initially, it was just all the extracurricular activities that stopped, and then that lockdown extended to everything except what is essential which includes grocery stores but not department stores.  Depending on where you live some church services are also available, but in other areas, they are on pause.  He is 18 and a day in the life of an 18-year old seems like a long day and everything seems so urgent. He can go outside, but when it is cold, and the sky is grey that doesn't even seem appealing.  Anyway, how do you do missionary work when everything seems to be preventing you from doing the one thing you want to do the most.  A great part of serving a mission is not just converting people to our religion, but also providing service to the people of the area in which you serve.  It has been difficult, to say the least. I am praying he hangs in there as I know with all my heart things will get better.  I guess that is the blessing of being almost 50.  

While good things are on the horizon, at times the relief can't come fast enough. 2020 and yes even 2021 have not been the easiest for my family. Like many others, we have had our share of struggles. One sweet sister in my church sent me this quote that is resonating with me tonight. If all you can do is hang on to one thread and hope it holds, then hang on and hope. That will be enough to start the process. If you then turn to the Savior and sincerely ask for His help, He will take what little you have to offer and turn it into magnificent, exalting hope, which can be an anchor to your soul. Quote by Kevin Worthen.   

I know with all my heart that everything will be ok just like the sun comes out after the rain or that the leaves change in fall and after the snow falls spring brings forth glorious spring blooms.  I also know that Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of all our needs. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't care, but he always does answer our prayers.  Today, I don't have any photos of my own to post, but thought I would share this photo from  George Frederic Watts.  I also thought I would leave you with a few quotes I have found and a song that I like to listen to when things get hard.  I post them that if you are like me you might just need a little encouragement that things will get better.  Vaccinations will be distributed, Corona will be something in the past, and we can gather with our loved ones. There is much to hope for!  Hang on! 


DUTA said…
That's how it usually goes in life - things get worse before they get better.
William Kendall said…
Always darkest before the dawn, but the dawn is coming.
Susan said…
Being 18 and pursuing his dream in this environment is hard. No doubt about it. Always remember...This too will pass. Better days are coming!

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