Winter Scenes from Utah

 Hello, I don't normally post mid-week, but I am feeling like I need to catch up on my Utah post as the time between when we went and posting is growing farther apart.  Today has been a good day.  I feel like I got a lot accomplished.  Slept in a little this morning after taking the girls to school, did the dishes, made my son lunch, then worked on my German School lesson for the weekend.  I am almost done with that, but I just need to get the supporting videos off of YouTube. It is amazing how a matter of a few years makes such a difference.  When my boys were little, there was very little material to be found on the internet that could help me teach them, German.  Today it is a much different story!  I am also using the time stuck indoors to brush up on my German skills too!  Really enjoying a series on YouTube called German Easy German.  The children are excited about

this week's German School because I promised them we would make hot cocoa bombs.  If you don't know what these are, you can see them in a previous post.  They are all the rage with the kids right now.  Well, I better run.  I need to bring the kids to Karate and I need to run my church lessons to my nursery kids.  I am teaching nursery.  The nursery is the kids ages 18m-3; however, since we aren't holding classes at church right now because of Covid I print out my lessons for the parents and drop them off at their houses with a small treat.  So before I go, I am going to post a few more pictures from Utah.  I am sad that Temple Square was under renovation.  I mean it is a good thing as they are making the Salt Lake Temple more stable against earthquakes, but this means that the visitors center is closed for the next three years.  The sweet missionaries will give you a virtual tour and explain what takes place there.  I can't wait to take the kids back in there years.


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