Sweet Treat and Friends


Hello Friends! So if you saw my last post, we are in Utah!  While we have hit the slopes every other day, we have also been exploring the area around us which includes lots of delicious food options.  One of the big hits was a visit to Waffle Love. A huge hit with the girls. They are more like real Belgian Waffles that you would get on a street stand in Belgium, but of course, topped with all the toppings one might expect here in the states.  We wanted to go back and try one of their famous breakfast waffles topped with chicken, but they were all sold out when we get there! I guess when you snooze you lose. We were also lucky to try out hot cocoa bombs.  A friend of ours named Emily moved from Georgia to Utah a couple years back and her daughter was selling these hot cocoa treats to make money to attend girl's camp this summer.  Lucky us because of too much work for this mom!  What are they?  Hot Cocoa bombs are chocolate balls filled with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and other fun toppings.  Addy got a salt caramel and I got peppermint.  You place the mom in a mug of either hot milk or water and watch the magic take place.  They were all the rage this Christmas as they were featured on Pinterest and Tik Tok.  My girls had been begging me to make them, but as I said Emily came to our rescue.  We also did our traditional stop at Siegfrieds Deli where we got Schnitzel and fried potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner.  Sadly I took no pictures, but everyone was happy with their food.  I need to run up there before we go back home and grab a few things.  One day while we were here we met with our friends Kevin and Stacy who we met when we adopted our daughter Avery.  We haven't seen them for years.  It was great catching up with them and look forward to our next visit to Utah when Coronavirus is not an issue and we can spend more time with each other.  Last but not least the children have been loving all the snow.  I am not a big fan.  I mean it is pretty and all, but I will take warmer weather any day.  Well, I better get up and feed these kids of mine and get them ready to hit another day on the slopes.  Have a great day!


Dearest Kelleyn,
Those hot chocolate bombs no doubt made a great impression on the girls and who would NOT love them?
Happy photos.
Enjoy the remainder of that special time together.

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