Advent, St. Nicholas and German School Concert

Covid may have canceled many plans this year, but it did not take away from us celebrating Advent, St. Nicholas, and putting on a German School Christmas Concert.  I don't know if you remember, but this year I decided to homeschool the girls for German.  Our neighbor girls decided they wanted to join the fun.  At Christmas, the children always put on a Christmas performance, so we kept the tradition.  The neighbor girl's mom made us a feast to celebrate when we were done.  We also made cookies for the elderly in our community and St. Nicholas even left a little something on our doorstep.  We are counting our blessings that while we can't do somethings we still can do somethings and we still have each other.


Dearest Kelleyn,
Hope you had a Merry Christmas together!
We got this morning our Internet re-connected, after five days without...
Glad you enjoyed some wonderful family moments together.
It looks like you were all having a wonderful time together! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

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