Weekend at Home

The past 4 days have been absolutely gorgeous! I love fall here in Georgia!  Not too hot not too cold.  Just right. We had a good day today.  I am currently sitting here imposing a candy tax on my kid's Halloween candy.  What they don't know won't hurt them. What is your favorite Halloween candy?  I like miniature Twix bars.  I am not a big candy bar person but will indulge in a few pieces around this time of year. This morning we had German school.  The lesson went well.  We talked about St. Martin today and made paper lanterns.  I introduced verbs and personal pronouns.  Afterward, we grabbed lunch at Chick fil A and headed to the park.  Hope you had a wonderful week despite all the tension surrounding the election.


Dearest Kelleyn,
Lovely fall leaves you captured and don't you love being able to wear shorts in Georgia for about 9 months of the year?!
Sankt Martin is something I really miss... We celebrated that in The Netherlands and it is a kind of mix between Halloween's trick or treat, minus the costumes. Halloween to us is a kind of Carnival (costumes) and Sankt Martin combination...
Enjoy your weekend.
juie/Jesh said…
Love your capture with the kids on the tree trunk! Good for you, you have plenty around you to distract you from the elections! Even though I know God without a doubt has D.T. in mind, it is a battle not to give time to look at all the reports of fraud and confusion, and to turn my attention else where. It will be a while before this has been worked out with the superior Court (I heard that something like this also happened in the Bush- A Gore election). We keep our eyes on heaven!
NCSue said…
You have a lovely family - but I bet you're aware of that. Love the smiles on your childrens' faces each week.
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