Photoshoot, Candy Stores, and Friends

A couple of weeks ago, we all went up to Franklin, Tennessee for the weekend.  We visited our friends who were in desperate need of a family photo.  I had tried to do their photoshoot back in September when we were there, but the rain just made it impossible. It looked like we might not get photos this time either, but the rain held off.  Since this is my family blog and not my work blog, I won't post any of those photos here, but they can be seen on my work blog. The children had a blast playing with one another and then before we headed home, we stopped at the Goo Goo Cluster store where the girls got to make their own Goo Goo Cluster.  Just in case any of you are wondering about the whole COVID situation, our friends have been quarantining for months and we are pretty careful too. I say careful because with the girls being in school there is always a chance they could come home with it. So far they have had no cases in the elementary school.  I will say though we will be limiting our visit with others even socially distant visits for the next couple of months.  The cases are starting to rise and we want to do our part to be apart of the solution and not the problem.  Praying for that vaccine to get to the market as soon as possible though I know we will probably be the last ones to get it.   Keep safe my friends! Go stock up on those essentials you need.  We did last night.  Given the size of our family, I can't leave it to chance that we will find toilet paper.  I also stocked up on flour, yeast, and sugar since those items were hard to find last time and we still have a giant bag of and the kids can't live without their ramen, so that made it in the cart too.  Well, I have a photoshoot today, so I need to go make sure my battery is charged and take a shower.  Have a great weekend!


Dearest Kelleyn,
Glad you managed to visit your friends in Franklin, N.C.
When I was still writing free lance for the local newspaper, we went in a van, the entire newspaper crew. Staying at the home of the owner in the Highlands, N.C. we went for New Year's Eve to Franklin, N.C. It was an unforgettable trip.
Glad your photoshoot went well.
junie/jesh said…
Yes, I am with you to be careful with your kids, now cases are rising. Your photo of Addy made me burst out with laughing! So much excitement and energy! Good thinking to stock up a week ahead with food:) My studies while being a mom has taught me to have food in the fridge for a full week.
After the first 6 week search for toilet paper, i buy mine at Sams (45 rolls) which lasts the 2 of us a while, lol.Thanks so much for connecting with All Seasons despite your busy schedule - much appreciated! Have a great week, Jesh
NCSue said…
I adore that 4th photo! Great capture!!!
Thanks for sharing at
Mandy said…
Looks like the kids had fun! Glad to hear you are doing your part to keep everyone and your family safe! Sometimes it feels like almost no one else is. <3

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