Great Wolf Lodge


Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We just got back from a weekend in Tennessee where I did a photoshoot for some friends of ours, but more on that at a later date as I am way behind in my post.  During fall break, the girls and I went to Great Wolf Lodge for the night. We paid for the extended stay which gave us about two full days at the resort. Roman did not want to go, so he stayed home with grandma and grandpa.  The girls loved the resort.  I am not completely sold on it, as it was pretty pricey even with a coupon and there was a definite lack of seating.  Who knows if that is how it normally is or if due to COVID they had to eliminate some chairs.  In any case, I did think the resort did an awesome job of doing their best to enforce and protect their guest from contracting the virus. The rooms were generously large and as I said the girls had a blast.  Well, I better go to bed.  It is late and I have contracted a cold and yes, I am pretty sure it is just a cold as I have no fever, I have no flu-like symptoms and besides having a stuffed up nose I feel fine.  I was probably due for one as I haven't had a cold in ages.  I think I got it from burning the candle at both ends.  Just too much to do right now.  Well, have a great evening.  


DUTA said…
Lovely three princesses!great photos!
Dearest Kelleyn,
That is great that the girls loved it!
Sure as an adult and Mom, we view things different but in all it was good I guess.
How do you manage to have your first photo appear as a thumbnail on the Blog List (on my sideline...)? With the new Blogger, I no longer can get them to show! Most others obvious have the same problem.
Hugs and feel fit soon!
It's very easy for a momma to get too busy! Love the capture you took from your daughters on the bed. Can imagine everywhere adjustments have been made because of covid - some very strange ones! hope you allow yourself a few easy going days:) Have a relaxing week, Jesh
Appreciate your All Seasons post:)

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