By the Lake

Last week, one of my best buddies and her two children came to visit.  Frank went scuba diving in the Keys and so we had the house to ourselves.  Despite the news saying everything is open, not much is open.  Sure you can go to the store or get take out and some of the clothes stores are open, but there isn't much to do with the children.  Our neighborhood pool will not be opening this summer though many are open with restrictions.  I am learning a good measure of patience. Anyway, we took the children down to the lake and tried to do our best to keep our distance.  My older son chewed me out last night, but he has no clue what it is like to be with children all day who are crying they are bored.  True it is better to be bored than be dead and we are honestly trying to do our best, but at the same time we can't just stay locked up all day.  Today the girls are at the neighbors and are rollerskating.  We have expanded our circle to extend beyond our family, but are doing so very selectively with people we know who are also being very responsible when they go out.  Curious are you sticking to strickly those who live in your household or have you widen your circle?  Crazy how this is still going on and sadly I don't think we are going to see an end to it anytime soon. I am thrilled though that my children will be going back to school.  While I would like to continue homeschooling with them.  At least two of them need resources that I just can't provide them.  I hope you are having a good week.  Do you have anything fun planned for the summer?  We will be sticking close to home for the next couple of weeks with a few hikes planned here in the near future.


We are being quite strict with the isolation rules. We only visit our friend and neighbour who lives across the all in our condo. She has had us over for dinner twice. Most of our contact is by email. We walk daily in the neighbourhood with distancing and go to parks to sit in the sun and read while distancing. The worst part is we are stuck in the States and cannot go home to Canada without a 14-day very strict quarantine in a small condo. At least here we can go outdoors for exercise. It's been hard, not without children I am sure it is much easier than what your are going through. - Margy
Dearest Kelleyn,
It is just a big political circus and we're being deprived of our personal freedom.
Could get even worse, if God forbid the liberals are winning more and more votes.
This is starting to look like a lot of communist countries started out, look at Venezuela, it once ranked 4th in the world and now under Socialism people suffer from starvation.
Feeling for you and your big family for keeping them all in check with these stupid rules.
Having just about a week ago finished typing our scientific manuscript of 132.696 words and a lot about virus disease, it absolutely makes no sense.
Let us all pray hard!
junieper/Jesh said…
Don't want to make it harder on your, Kelleyn, but I know a few homeschooling moms. The courses they can't provide for themselves, they let other homeschool moms do (yes, that is allowed). Maybe that way way can solve the problem of providing for your kids with special courses. Also, hope you know that there is some leave way in the curriculum, in substituting one course for another in the same category. Hope you can find an adequate solution! Talking to other homeschooling moms helps to get a broader view! Have a fun weekend and an easy upcoming week, Jesh PS Thanks for sharing with All Seasons!

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