Beach Days

Hi! I just got home from the beach! It was wonderful! More details to follow soon. 
Happy Mother's Day!


Barbara Rogers said…
That's wonderful...glad you had warm weather in which to enjoy the sand and salt air!
Dearest Kelleyn,
That of course is heaven for the kids and as is visible in these pictures, that time was greatly enjoyed by all.
Hugs and happy belated Mother's Day!
junieper/Jesh said…
Oh such fun at you Mothers Day! Am surprised the weather where you live is warm enough for being in the water, but it looks like everyone has a lot of fun and the girls found a friend:) You think of everything (taking the camera with you to the beach!) -happy after-Mothers-Day from All Seasons, Jesh
What wonderful looking beach sand, so white! Our beaches are mostly rocky up here in Coastal BC. - Margy
judee said…
We live in a condo on the beach in south Florida but they are all closed. Hoping they will open next week. Lovely photos
NCSue said…
I'm frankly jealous! Would love to go to the beach but this covid 19 is messing up a lot of plans!
Take care and stay well.
Thanks for joining us at
shayndel said…
Looks beautiful!!
Happy Mothers Day!!
Beautiful. I miss the beach.
Tera said…
Sweet sisters on the beach. One of my favorite things!

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