Beach Days Part 2

I am posting more beach photos because why not!  Right now I am hopping mad!  I will keep the details to myself at the moment, but if your anything like me you can't help but find some joy in looking at these photos.  What is not to love about smiling kids, cotton candy skies, blue water, and a rose gold moon shimmering over purple waters.  I hope you can find something to be joyful about this week.    Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said…
Your beach photos are wonderful. They show our previous world, without the virus. We must look forward to days when we can be back at the beach with no concerns about the terrible virus. Until then, safety first. Stay well. Susan
Dearest Kelleyn,
You are so right, you made them smile and even if the weather was not all that summery, with their feet in the water, seeing the waves and feeling the fresh breeze is working its miracle.
Yes, happy smiles is oh so rewarding!
Stevenson Q said…
Lovely smiles from these beautiful girls! The beach is just stunning! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos to us :)
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Happiness are your photos of love and sweetness.:-)
junieper/Jesh said…
Love these beach captures, Kelleyn! Your youngest seems to be really shooting up in height! Hope that your anger does not last long, because eventually we have to move on, even though it may be a very important issue. Thank you for linking to All Seasons anyway - your captures are extremely worth it!! Hope the rest of the week will be joyful and peaceful, Jesh
So many people are flocking to beaches it looks like the old days. - Margy

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