Delicate Arch

Hi!  How are you?  It has been a crazy week.  I arrived home late Monday night, Tuesday I stocked up the house, Wednesday to Winston to the dermatologist and rearranged some of our future vacation plans, Thursday Addy had running and then they had Karate and Friday the had off from school.  I spent the morning in the post office with Winston and Roman renewing their passports.  Little did I know that practically everyone in the county had the same idea.  It was the longest we have ever stood in line, but we are going back to Germany this summer as long as there are flights, so it was important to get in there in case the post office shuts its doors for the next couple of weeks. No announcements yet, but we are playing it safe.  So kind of crazy how we went from Cornavirus was just in Asia and Italy and now just about every state has a handful or more cases. I have to admit that I myself wasn't really taking this situation very seriously, but I agree that we can't pretend it doesn't exist. I am trying to stay positive about the kids not being in school for the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully, social distancing will do the trick and we will see numbers flatten out and eventually fall.  How are you feeling about the situation?  Are you feeling nervous?  Well, once again it is late, but before I go to bed I wanted to share the photos from our afternoon spent at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.  I will say that the hike is somewhat strenuous but very doable.  I had a lot of fun and grateful for an awesome group of women who were patient with me and supportive.  Each day is always an adventure when you have Lupus.  Some days my joints hardly hurt and other days like today it can put me in tears despite being on medication to lessen the pain.  Hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!


Barbara Rogers said…
What wonderful photos...of an incredible place. So glad you shared them. Stay well, enjoy simple pleasures!
Dearest Kelleyn,
You had a wonderful experience and all with lovely weather as well.
As for the Corona virus, it is a very bad Media caused Panic!
We both traveled extensively when the Swine Flu was around...
60 million Americans were infected with the Swine Flu resulting in 274,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths. No media panic, no trashing of president Barack Obama and no travel ban. You don't even remember it." - Rush Limbaugh:
Our Foster Daughter is having her Church wedding tomorrow, a joyful day even though we cannot be there in person due to Pieter's heart condition and the too strenuous traveling...
William Kendall said…
Beautiful shots!

I think it is right to be cautious and sensible, but calm about it. Too many people are panicking.
Oh we loved Arches and Canyonlands NPs so much! Not sure that I’d be able to do those hikes now, but I did them when we were there and have the memories. Thanks for the lovely pictures (and what a great place to take kids). Best wishes for your trip to Germany...surely this will all be over by then.
PS. As for the comment from the lady a couple above this, the reason there was no panic when the swine flu hit was that we had a decent President then who actually understood more than making money for the one percent. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat racist drug taking idiot.
Joanne said…
Beautiful photos! I am not feeling at all anxious about the virus itself but I am feeling pretty anxious about how crazy everyone seems to have gotten about it. With everything shutting down and no idea when things will be opening back up it seems like everyone is stockpiling everything. I also can't help but worry how it is all going to effect our economy in both the short and long term. Hopefully just a couple week's of shutting things down will do the trick an we'll all be laughing with relief in a month's time.
Veronica Lee said…
Such amazing photos of an incredible place!

Our prime minister declared a controlled movement order last night and panicked shoppers emptied shelves fast!

I pray that all this madness will end soon.

Stay safe!
junieper/Jesh said…
Stunning captures, Kelleyn, and great you got to this famous arch that is on covers of books and magazines! I see that workshop kept you busy -am glad you took the opportunity to go.
That virus is, like you say, we can't pretend it isn't there, but I do get irritated when I go to 4 stores to look for toilet paper, and I decide to use paper towel, (the only thing on the shelf) saying to hubs, "it's paper, we use it, but don't throw it in the toilet." The 5th store owner told us, you have to come early. I asked him what early meant. "7 am!"
Life is interesting - the good and the bad. Many thanks for your great post for All Seasons! Have a terrific week!
Unknown said…
amazing place to visit
NCSue said…
We had a tour of this area planned for May. As it stands, I will have to be satisfied with seeing your photos! Such an eerie effect this coronavirus has had!
Thanks for sharing at
Photo Cache said…
How beautiful. We were there last year, but came late in the pm and did not attempt to reach the Arch on foot, such a pity.

Great photos.

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