Just like that, we are parents of a 21 year.  Not sure how that is possible, but I am sure my parents said the same thing and their parents and so forth and so forth.  Time really does go by so fast. Harris is in his third year of college, he is a computer science major and loves all things Japanese.  He is a good brother and is kind.  Happy Birthday, Harris!  We love you so much!


junieper/jesh said…
Haha, love the pineapple drink! Sounds he's zipping through college, and he know shat he wants:) Wait till he gets married, that's a whole other ball game to be the parent of one of your children officially becoming an adult (joking)! Since you have younger children it will take a while before you consider yourself "older:):)" Great you chose this to feature for your All Seasons link up this week, Kelleyn! Have a wonderful week.
riitta k said…
Handsome & happy young boys! Greetings & wishing a great new week.
Laila said…
:-D Oh yes I do understand! On Valentines Day my son got 18 years old. Here in Sweden that means you are of age (I hope that's the right translation) I don'tunderstand at all how that could happen so fast
Dearest Kelleyn,
Congrats to Harris and his Parents!!!
He sure looks rather boyish but that is a bonus, he ought to keep it up, looking younger like his Mom does too. But part of the secret is happiness...
Sending you hugs,
I think that if there is one thing we can all agree on is that time flies. Happy Birthday, Harris!
Veronica Lee said…
Happy Birthday to Harris!

Such handsome fellas!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Your Harris is a happy-looking handsome guy. He has great parents, no doubt. Happy 21 to him!
Anonymous said…
All the best to Harris. You must be very proud parents. I often say, where does the time go? Yes, indeed...Lightening speed! Your son is doing all the right things and has become a wonderful adult. This speaks to your outstanding parenting. Susan
I remember my 21st birthday. My husband left for military duty so my parents took me out for my first "legal" drink at a bar. - Margy
William Kendall said…
Time flies, doesn't it?

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